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45 years of continuous growth

Founded by Pierre Bellon in 1966, Sodexo developed from a small family business in Marseilles, France into the worldwide leader in quality of daily life services in four decades. The recipe for our success is well known: our focus on organic growth, our client-centered approach and a unique company culture shared by all our employees.

From “Sodexho” to “Sodexo”

In 1966, Pierre Bellon founded the company under the name “Sodexho” (for Société d’Exploitation Hôtelière”). In 2000, the name of the company changed to “Sodexho Alliance” as it had made three major acquisitions to strengthen its international network (Gardner Merchant in the United Kingdom, Partena in the Scandinavian countries and Marriott Management Services in North America). The word “Alliance” was then dropped in 2006 and, in 2008, Sodexho simplified the spelling of its name to “Sodexo”.

  • 1966
    1966 Pierre Bellon founds Sodexho, a company specializing in providing Foodservices to institutions, businesses, schools and hospitals, in Marseilles (France).
  • 1967
    1967 CNES, in French Guiana, awards Sodexho a contract in the “multiservices” market, signaling its entry into the remote site management business.
  • 1971-78
    1971-78 International expansion starts with Belgium, Italy and Spain, with developments in Africa and the Middle East. A new business (Service Vouchers) is launched in Belgium.
  • 1983
    1983 Initial public offering of Sodexho shares on the Paris Stock Exchange.
  • 1985-93
    1985-93 Sodexho establishes operations in North and South America, Japan, Russia and South Africa, and reinforces its presence in Continental Europe.